Nautical Charts for Your Mobile Device

How would you like your nautical chart book on your phone or tablet? This year, in addition to the durable, Wet Strength paper atlas, Williams & Heintz Map Corp is offering the complete 2014-2015 Maryland Cruising Guide and Virginia Cruising Guide in App form.

Included in your purchase of the new printed chart book, is a digital download of each individual chart. Now you can have the Williams & Heintz Cruising Guides on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone too. The digital charts for your phone or tablet are free with the purchase of the Virginia or Maryland cruising Guides.  You can also purchase individual charts separately.

The App is not replacing printed products; it complements the printed charts. The app has functionality for locating (via GPS), measuring, plotting points, importing and exporting points.  This spatially referenced map shows exactly where you are. And with the paper chart, you know where you’re going.

It’s easy:

First, install Avenza’s FREE PDF Maps App, available from I-Tunes or Google Play.

Second, scan the QR code that corresponds to the chart you wish to download.  You can use the codes for the free charts that come in the new 2014-2015 Williams & Heintz Cruising Guides, or purchase the individual charts by scanning the code below.

The Virginia and Maryland Cruising Guides are nautical Chart books to navigate the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River, Chincoteague Bay, Tidewater Virginia and Maryland.
Our Cruising Guides contain the latest information on buoys, water depth, tidal currents, marinas, ramps, and channels.
We compile navigation information from the latest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sources.
The chart books are red-light readable and include a planning chart, tidal currents, course headings, towing services, and a marina index.
We use a special Wet Strength paper. This paper is fully functional even when wet.
Each chart book is enclosed in a heavy-duty vinyl sleeve to protect it from spray.
Personalized custom charts are available on wet strength paper, and in large print.
Family owned and operated since 1921, Williams & Heintz Map is a local manufacturer, with four generations of boating knowledge and experience.
We update and republish every 2 years for the most up-to-date navigation chart books of Maryland and Virginia!

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